1. Hi Shawna,
    These are all great reasons why gardening is so important. The 2 best ones are to make sure you eat safe and healthy in my opinion. Sharing on FB and pinning and sharing on tweeter. Visiting from Simple Homestead blog hop!

    • Hi Marla, thanks for the comment! I agree, eating healthy and eating safe are some of my top priorities in having my own garden. That’s why I try to garden as organically as possible!

  2. candy

    This is why we live the life style we live. We grow so much of our food now. Eating better and doing all the things you listed.

  3. I see I have commented before so i will just say that all these tips great reasons why you should grow your own food. Live healthier and know what you are eating.

  4. For sure knowing where your food came from and how it was grown is a huge thing and I think with all the recalls and the rising costs of food in the stores that we will see those with land using it more and more.

    • Thanks Farmgal! I agree with that. The only thing I’m worried about is that lots of people still don’t wake up and realize it’s absolutely necessary, even though it takes work. Too many lazy people in this world nowadays!

    • Thank you, Nancy! I need to do a bigger garden this year but I’m always so busy it’s hard to keep up on the weeding. I’m determined, though! Looking into the Back to Eden or Ruth Stout method this year.

  5. Gardening is a wonderful way to get exercise and cheap food! I want to try saving my own seeds from heirloom plants this year to help decrease the costs 🙂

    • It really is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? It’s like therapy to me. I love to water the garden by hand even!
      Saving my own seeds sounds good, but I think that will be just one-extra-thing that I probably won’t get around to doing! Hhave you checked out Mary’s Heirloom Seeds? They have such a huge selection of heirloom plants.

  6. Knowing that food is safe has taken on another important while the government is shut down. People who grocery shop are in a tough position without inspectors working to help keep them safe. I have a lot of peace of mind in knowing what’s filling our pantry, cold cellar and freezers. I wish everyone else could have that as well.

    • Hi Robin, I completely agree. I also heard that because of the government shut down, people might not be getting their food stamps. How many people are going to go without food because they don’t grow their own and can’t afford to buy it? Whole lotta other concerns here though about the shut down…but I’ll keep my opinions off here for now.😉

  7. Bethany

    We grow our food for all of these reasons, but I think most important is to know where things come from. We know the quality of our food and what goes into it.

  8. So true! When there was that last romaine lettuce recall my mom called and asked what we were all supposed to eat. I answered that I was still eating lettuce and a whole bunch of other veggies besides. Growing my own means I don’t have to worry in that regard!

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