1. Hi there! This is Chelsea from The Green Acre Homestead, I’m a co-host of the Simple Homestead Blog Hop and I’m featuring you this week for the #176 hop! I love this post and you make so many great points. I always use the term “self-sustainability” but I love “self-reliance” SO much more! Be sure to come over to the hop tomorrow and pick up your “I’m featured” button through my page! Thanks for being a part of our little hop and I look forward to seeing more from you. Congrats!

    • Hi Chelsea! I’m honored to be featured in the Simple Homestead Blog Hop! Love what you’re doing! I’ll get all geared up to go tomorrow.
      Thanks again!

  2. Hi Shawna…so glad you are joining the Self Reliance Challenge in January! We all need to learn the skills necessary to take care of ourselves and our families!

    Saw you are featured on the Simple Homestead Hop…congrats!

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