1. There was 8 of us kids to help on the homestead. Even the youngest no matter the age had a job to finish everyday. The younger ones helped the older ones. We all worked together as a family and learned from our parents and older siblings. It was wonderful. One rule we had. All the work had to be finished for the day before we could play. We all played hard together. My children grew up much the someway. Wonderful fulling life.

    • Hi Candy, I agree it’s a fulfilling life. I wasn’t raised on a farm (wish I was), and unfortunately we started this lifestyle after my kids were grown. But I’m hoping to instill more of a sense of responsibility in the grandkids!

  2. I love this! I already do a chore list at the beginning of each week, and mark things off as I go along. With the Country Boy off farm for work each day, we work on two people jobs on the weekend. I am planning on using your idea for a planning board, as I have big plans that need to be started in 2019, and this will keep it up front for me at all times!

    • Thanks Julie, I try to do the bigger jobs on the weekends too, since I have a Monday-Friday job and so does The Hubs. We usually try to have the “kids” help us on the weekends more too. I hope the vision board helps you lay out your goals!

  3. Hi Shawna,
    This is really a good article. It sounds like you have it together. I really agree that in family or any situation communication is the key and I like the delegation of chores. I really like your vision board – that is an excellent idea and having realistic goals too. I will share this on social media. I hope you and your whole family of 10 have a healthy, happy & blessed Christmas and New Years.

  4. so true, you need to keep your lists and talk it out, those weekly meeting are important for sure, we only have the two of us on the farm which means the share load at times can get heavy.

  5. Dianne Hadorn

    Wow Shaunlee that is a lot of people in one house. It’s great though for having help. My husband travels and our kids are grown, so our homestead is totally up to me.

    Not complaining at all though. It is a labor of love and just conquer each responsibility at a time.

    • Thank you, Lacey! We started out with a small family – I only had two kids myself! But now we have the kids’ spouses and their kiddos living with us too. Makes for a busy household, that’s for sure!

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