Chickens are an animal that I believe every homestead should start with. They are what’s known as the “homestead gateway animal”. They are easy to raise and easy to care for. Plus, they provide breakfast with their wonderful eggs!

Chickens can be raised for eggs, for meat, or you can opt for a more dual-purpose chicken, enjoying the eggs and processing the extra roosters for meat.

I have a Feathered Friends Series of e-books that you can check out – the first one is Raising Chickens for a Natural, Self-Sufficient Lifestyle. And the second is all about turkeys! The 3rd edition is in the works, and it will talk about raising ducks.

If you want to get started right away, I have a lot of great FREE resources you need to check out:

Chicken Resources

Why You NEED Chickens

Raising Chickens for Beginners

Caring for Backyard Chickens in the Winter

How To Keep Your Chickens Laying in Winter

It’s Winter – Should You Start Heating the Coop?

11 Ways to Keep Chicken Water from Freezing

Deep Litter Method

Why Did My Chickens Stop Laying Eggs?

Or, if you want to start raising turkeys on the homestead instead (you can easily raise them together!), here are some resources for that:

Raising Turkeys for a Natural, Self-Sufficient Lifestyle

Raising Turkeys for Beginners

Or maybe you want to raise ducks? Here is a resource for that:

Raising Ducks for Eggs and Meat

And don’t forget, I’ll be adding the 3rd edition of the Feathered Friends Series (all about ducks) pretty soon!

I hope you enjoy all of our information on chickens.


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