Emergency preparedness – is it the same as “prepping”? Not really, but they are directly related.

Some people frown on prepping, thinking only of the tin-foil hat wearing folks that scream “the sky is falling” every time a slight disaster happens. They just seem to be waiting for the end of the world as we know it!

But emergency preparedness is important for every family! It’s the act of being prepared for issues that we all may face at one time or another. Whether it be a job layoff, natural disaster, storm, or even a minor power outage.

What would you do?

Do you have what you need to survive life’s small disasters?

I feel that emergency preparedness should be practiced in at least some extent in every household. That’s a big part of self reliance!

In my Emergency Preparedness Bundle, I give you 3 valuable resources to get a jump-start on your family’s preparedness needs.

But I don’t stop there! You can also get lots of FREE resources to help your family be more prepared for life’s little disasters.

Check out my resources here:

Emergency Preparedness for Homesteaders (and Everyone!)

How To Stock Your Prepper Pantry

Bushcraft Camping: A Fun Way to Practice Survival Skills

Prepare for Natural Disasters on the Homestead

How to Store and Purify Water for Emergencies

Power Outages: What if the Lights Go Out?

Preparing for Quarantine

Regardless of your reasons, every family should be prepared for at least the little things that sometimes happen. Is your family prepared?


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