Farm animals are such a joy to have on a homestead, and they can serve many purposes. I know, lots of people don’t like the thought of eating the animals they raise, but that’s the majority of what happens with farm animals!

These animals, whether it be chickens, goats, cows, or sheep (plus many others!), provide for our family in many ways. They provide manure to add nutrients to our gardens, they can provide wool, and of course they can provide eggs, milk, and meat.

You can read all about my experiences with farm animals in this category: Animals

We have lots of animals on our little farm. On only 3.8 acres, we have chickens, ducks, turkeys, meat rabbits, goats, and cows. They each provide something for us.

We have animals we keep for breeding, like rabbits, and they provide us with young that we can either sell or butcher.

Others get sent to the butcher after living a good life here.

Whatever you’re wanting to do with your animals, you’ll find lots of valuable information here. Here are some of my best FREE resources:

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I hope you find these resources valuable in preparation of stocking your farm!

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