Foraging for free food and medicine

Foraging is a wonderful way to get FREE food and medicine for your family. After all, in ancient days, our ancestors were either hunters or gatherers. The gatherers sustained the group when the hunters didn’t have a successful harvest. And the gatherers probably had many more consistent harvests than the hunters!

I love to forage. Every time my family is out in the great outdoors, I’m looking at the plants around me. I’m taking pictures and doing research if I have internet. If I don’t have internet, I’ll take pictures and document anything that I can to identify the plant and find it again for future reference.

I have a plant identification app on my phone, Picture This. It’s so helpful in identifying new-to-me plants. And I also have a book that I reference often, called Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and Not So Wild) Places” by “Wildman” Steve Brill and Evelyn Dean. It’s a great book to learn how to identify, harvest, and use edible and medicinal plants.

I also do a lot of internet research. I like to break down one plant at a time, and learn as much as I can about it before I move on to the next. This has built my knowledge up over time.

I hope you’ll join us here to further your knowledge about the resources Mother Nature provides to us. We strive to be one of your best sources of information and learning.

Foraging is a wonderful way to get free food and medicine.

Remember, proper identification of the plants you’re going to consume is of utmost importance. Don’t just rely on one source of information. Cross-reference many different resources to make sure you have proper identification.

Don’t be intimidated, though! Trust your gut and your resources. You can do this, we can help!

Start here for the foraging “rules” and guidelines.

Foraging is a life-long adventure. You will gain knowledge every step along the way. Enjoy the journey!