Self Reliant Skill of the Week

Self Reliant Skill of the Week

For the whole year of 2021, I am challenging myself. I am going to learn 52 new self reliant skills throughout the year. Yes, that’s one new skill every week! I’m calling it the “Self Reliant Skill of the Week”. And I hope you’ll follow along!

I am going to be posting a new post here every week with the Self Reliant Skill of the Week, and a video of the results on my YouTube channel. It will be announced on Friday by roughly 5:00 pm MT on my Facebook page. Follow me there to get the reminders!

My email subscribers will also be getting a reminder on Friday. Sign up below to get those emails!

I hope you’ll follow along on my journey. I’ve been homesteading for 3 years, but there is always something new to learn!

I am especially excited about learning all of the old-fashioned, vintage skills. The ones that helped our grandparents get through hard times, like The Great Depression.

How can I be more self reliant?

Self reliance is learning to do things on your own, to be independent. My goal is to lessen my dependence on the grocery stores, to grow and make a lot of what we consume here on the farm. To make our own income from our land. To be prepared for whatever life throws at us.

I have always been drawn to living simply. In fact, I sometimes joke that I was born a generation or two too late. My mother was born during The Great Depression, so she passed on a lot of her frugality to me. She always had a food storage, reused things that she could, and saved as much money as she could.

I believe that these vintage skills are too valuable to let slip away. So I’m embracing them! This is going to be a fun experience for me, and I think it will be fun for you too. I sincerely hope you’ll consider joining me in learning these “new” self reliant skills. Let’s do this together!

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