Raising animals on your homestead greatly increases your self reliance


Everyone that has a homestead should consider raising animals. Raising animals on the homestead greatly raises one’s self reliance. Chickens give you meat and eggs, goats can give you milk and meat. Sheep can give you wool, meat, and even milk.

If utilized properly, these creatures can actually improve the land that you keep them on. Manure is excellent for improving the soil. Chickens will help till the ground and eat bugs.

Just about any animal can be used on the homestead for more than one purpose. Permaculture principles can be used so we are good stewards to the land.

Proper grazing techniques are important as well for your livestock. If you allow your animals to move across the land without overgrazing, this will benefit the land greatly.

Raising animals on the homestead can even improve your garden. I use all types of manure around the farm to make our sandy soil better. And it’s all organic. No artificial fertilizers here!

We believe that everyone should grow their own food. Raising your own meat so you know what goes into the food you eat is especially important. There are so many antibiotics used in commercial farming, you never know what you’re getting in your meat.

We are big into raising animals here at Homegrown Self Reliance. I have always been a huge animal lover, and raising animals just fits with who I am. In this category I will share all the information that I have on successfully raising animals for greater self reliance.

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