Homesteading is a great way to increase your self reliance


Homesteading is a wonderful way to become self reliant. If you have a little bit of land, you can use it to grow the food that your family eats. It’s healthier, sustainable, and important for preparedness.

We started this journey in the hopes of getting away from all the chemicals that are in the food that we eat. My mom died of cancer, and she swore to her last day that it was from the preservatives and chemicals that are in modern-day food. I wanted better for my family!

We moved to a small farm (3.8 acres) and immediately started raising meat animals and gardening. Everything that we’ve done has been to reduce those nasty chemicals and preservatives. And to raise our own, healthy food.

Although we’ve had some failures, overall it’s been a great success! We raise a lot of our own meat, and lots of veggies throughout the summer. But there’s always room for improvement!

I’m not going to tell you that you can be truly self reliant and grow and raise everything that your family eats on a very small lot. But I will tell you that it’s possible to do a lot in a relatively small space!

You just have to get creative, and do your research. I hope to be a big part of your research! In my menu at the top, there are more categories of what to read about. Make sure you check those out.

Homesteading is a journey, let’s take it together!

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