Raising Turkeys For a Natural, Self-Sufficient Lifestyle


Do you want to start raising turkeys for a more natural, self-sufficient lifestyle? In this e-book, we answer all of your burning questions about raising turkeys. You CAN raise happy, healthy turkeys to grace your Thanksgiving table, or to enjoy throughout the year! This e-book, the second in our Feathered Friends Basics Series, will help guide you to a more self-sufficient lifestyle, just by raising turkeys.


Have you ever considered raising your very own Thanksgiving turkey? Or just to enjoy throughout the year? If you have, you may have been confused about all the conflicting information out there. This detailed, nearly 70-page e-book can help! We have condensed all of our experience raising turkeys into one, easy-to-read book.

In this thorough book, we explain what you need to know to raise healthy, happy turkeys. Not sure what turkeys eat? Or how to house them? This e-book will help you with everything you need to know.

Raising Turkeys For a Natural, Self-Sufficient Lifestyle


Have you ever wondered:

What type of housing do turkeys need?

How much space do you need for the number of turkeys you want?

Do turkeys lay eggs? What do you do with them?

Is it okay to free range turkeys?

Can I raise turkeys with my chickens?

What if a turkey gets sick?

How do you keep your turkeys warm in the winter?

Well, my friends, these questions and many more are answered in this helpful turkeys e-book!

And it’s all yours, for the super-low price of $3.99.

All of our knowledge and experience of raising healthy turkeys.

All in one compact e-book. Download it now, and print off if you’d like, for a handy reference.

Get it now, and start raising those Turkey Day gobblers!


Here is what you can look forward to inside:


Raising Turkeys e-book Table of Contents

This is book 2 of our series of raising different types of birds to add to your self reliant lifestyle. Be sure and get the others when they come out too!

Check out book 1, Raising Chickens For a Natural, Self-Sufficient Lifestyle here.

So, are you ready to start raising turkeys for self reliance? Get your copy today!


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