Homestead goal planner free download

It’s our new Homestead Goal Planner! It’s printable, so you can print it out and do some brainstorming. Put it in your homestead notebook for future reference. Planning and goal setting is so important on the homestead. If you haven’t done any real goal setting for the future of your farm, you need to!

Use this handy reference to help you dream up what you want to grow on your farm. Think about what food and income goals you have, and get them on paper. This will be your jumping off point to much bigger, better things on your homestead!

Homestead goal planner

Homestead goal planner with 3 year goals
Homestead Goal Planner

This planner focuses on a 3-year plan to get your homestead up and profitable. If you need more ideas on how to make an income from your homestead, you can read my post on planning out your homestead income here.

Whether you want to raise animals, or do a market garden, or even grow a whole field of crops, you can plan out those goals here in this handy planner. Make sure you work with the family in the planning process! It takes work on everyone’s part to make a successful homestead.

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