Preparedness is important for every family to practice. It’s all about being prepared for the little disasters that can happen in everyday life.

And no, you don’t have to become a “prepper” (which usually congers up thoughts of tin-foil hat wearing people that always think the sky is falling). But it is very important to have some basic skills and equipment available to you in case of emergencies.

What if a storm knocked out the power in your area? Would you be in the dark? Or do you have backup candles, lanterns, and flashlights?

What if you lost your job? Do you have a pantry stocked with nutritious food to last you through a little while of limited income?

What if a hurricane was coming your way? Would you be one of the unprepared, scrambling to buy whatever you can get your hands on at the store?

There are little things you should be prepared for, as well as big things.

To help get you started, I’ve put together an Emergency Preparedness Bundle, that has 3 important resources to start your preparedness journey.

Here are some of my most helpful posts on preparedness:

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I hope you find these helpful!

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