Emergency Preparedness Bundle


The Emergency Preparedness Bundle is a great resource to begin your preparedness efforts. It has 3 useful sections that you can print and access to at any time.

It has a spreadsheet that helps you track your progress on building a one month food supply for your family, as well as suggestions on how much each person needs.

Also included is a handy Bug Out Bag checklist, so you can make sure you have vital, life-saving supplies ready to go at a moment’s notice.

This bundle also has emergency ID cards that you can print out for each family member. Print out multiples, so everyone can have a way to help locate and identify each other in case of separation!

Every beginner needs to have these basic essentials in order to start being prepared.


How prepared are you for emergencies? During troubled times, more and more people realize the importance of emergency preparedness, and being prepared for the worst case scenario.

Do you have food storage? This bundle includes a handy spreadsheet to make sure your family has a one month supply of food.

What about a bug out bag? Do you even know what one is? A bug out bag is a backpack that holds your emergency supplies. Included in this bundle is a checklist to make sure you have the basics covered.

Do you have emergency ID cards for your family? It’s especially important for kids! These come in handy in the event you are separated from your other family members. The Emergency Preparedness Bundle includes these too! Consider printing off several of these so each child can have one. I suggest also printing extra, so parents can have a current photo and important information on each family member.

Pick up your copy today, to secure your family’s safety!


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