Raising animals on the homestead is one of the best ways to increase your self reliance. Animals can provide you with meat, milk, and eggs. Plus manure to improve your garden!

We’ve got lots of animals on the farm. On just 3.8 acres, we have chickens, ducks, turkeys, meat rabbits, goats, and cows. We’ve had sheep and pigs in the past too!

Raising animals does come with a lot of responsibilities, though. They need to be fed, watered, and cared for every day, even in sun, rain, snow, sleet, and hail. You think a mailman has a tough job?? It’s nothing compared to a small-time farmer.

But the benefits of having animals on the farm make it all worth it.

Of course, depending on the animal, you can get meat, milk, eggs, wool, and more from your animals. You could even turn your animals into a source of income for your family!

I have 2 products in my shop right now that you can buy to help you on your journey. The first is my chickens e-book, Raising Chickens for a Natural, Self-Sufficient Lifestyle. It’s the first in my Feathered Friends series of books that I’m working on.

The second is all about turkeys. It’s called Raising Turkeys for a Natural, Self-Sufficient Lifestyle. Notice a trend here?

And I’m currently working on a 3rd book in this series, all about ducks. I wonder what it will be called?? LOL!

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I hope you find these helpful!



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