Edible landscaping is an art that combines growing food with beautiful, functional landscaping for your home. With this method, you can grow food in the same amount of space that ornamentals take up, with the advantage of growing food, even in your front yard!

Why waste your precious time growing just ornamental plants, when you can dedicate that same amount of time into caring for edible plants. And with a big bonus of harvesting your very own, nutritious food!

Some HOA’s frown on edible landscaping, but you can be a little “sneaky”, by picking beautiful edible plants. No one will ever know, if you plan it out correctly!

Here is my e-book that focuses on edible landscaping. It’s called So Much More Than Grass – Self Reliant Landscaping. It discusses edible plants that can be beautiful, yet still very functional, that anyone can plant in their yard.

This book gives suggestions on beautiful edible plants that you can even use in your front yard. It also tells you what plants can be grown in your particular zone, as well as the size that the mature plants get.

Ever wanted to try growing a food forest? There’s suggestions for that too!

This book helps you use the concepts of permaculture in your garden as well. Plant once and grow your food over and over again!

If you want to grow more food than what your small garden can grow, you definitely want to try to use this method! It’s a great way to combine beauty with purpose.


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