So Much More Than Grass – Self Reliant Landscaping


So Much More Than Grass – Self Reliant Landscaping is an amazing beginner’s primer on upgrading your existing landscaping with useful, productive edible landscaping. Self reliant landscaping focuses on what our landscaping can do for us, rather than what we have to do for our landscaping.

This ebook helps the beginner learn how to make purposeful planting look beautiful enough to use in a front yard. It also gives suggestions on beautiful, useful plants, including growing zone information and size of the plants.

Anyone interested in permaculture, food forests, and being more self reliant needs to get this book!


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Do you need your landscaping to work for you, instead of you working for it? With self reliant landscaping, you can have beautiful landscaping that is functional as well!

Imagine walking into your yard to collect fruit, vegetables, and useful herbs. It’s a great way to become more self reliant.

So Much More Than Grass – Self Reliant Landscaping¬†is a great beginner’s primer, perfect for anyone interested in permaculture, food forests, and self reliance! It has tips on how to turn your existing landscaping into a landscape of useful edible and medicinal plants. This ebook even gives suggestions on 60 beautiful plants that you might want to use, including growing zone information, size of the plant, and parts used.



Do you want to try your hand at edible landscaping, but feel overwhelmed? This e-book is just for you, and it's on sale right now! Learn the best way to turn your yard into a garden oasis! #ediblelandscaping #selfreliantlandscaping


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