Welcome to The Homegrown Food Movement Facebook group! We’re so happy you’re here. We hope you will invite others who would enjoy this group. This group is for questions, advice, and suggestions on growing and preserving our own food. There are no stupid questions!

We want to talk here about planting, growing, harvesting, and preserving our own food. This includes gardening, raising chickens, raising meat animals, raising dairy animals, and hunting. We believe there is an absolute need for each person to do their part in easing the strain on the food supply chain.

Share what has worked for you, what hasn’t, and ask what others think of your ideas! We want this to be a “spring-board” of new ideas and concepts. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, and share with all of us. We all might learn from your ideas!

Please note: there may be some hunting and/or trapping posts. Hunting and/or trapping is part of harvesting your own food, and will be allowed here.If you are easily offended, just scroll on by. If you are posting a hunting or trapping post, please leave the gore out of it.

Please share, ask questions, comment, and join in! This is a free resource, and as such, we would greatly appreciate if you will use our Amazon link above when you are going to shop on Amazon. Doing so will help us be able to continue to provide free information to our members.


    1. NO political or religious posts. While we understand that certain current events can and will affect how we grow our own food, please stay away from political or religious posts.
    2. NO sales or business posts. Please don’t advertise your sales or business posts here. Doing so can get you removed from the group.
    3. NO promotions or spam. This group is more about giving than taking. Please don’t use this group to promote yourself.
    4. NO watch parties. While the admins may occasionally host a watch party, we respectfully ask that you do not.
    5. Always be kind and courteous. We all come from different backgrounds and teachings. Please be kind and courteous, and don’t judge. No grammar police are allowed here!

Please share The Homegrown Food Movement Facebook group with your friends. We would love to have them too. The more, the merrier!

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