Whether your barn houses animals, stores feed, or keeps your equipment out of the field and in a safe spot, you want to ensure that your barn is a functional, efficient, and comfortable space. While some of the more modern barns are built with a variety of luxuries, owners of existing barns can just as easily make upgrades to enhance the quality and functionality of older structures. Here are our best tips to upgrade your barn.

Upgrade Your Barn With These 5 Tips

This guest post is by Corey Tyner of Buy Yo Dirt. You can find more about Corey below.

To make sure that your barn will meet your needs for years to come, check out these five easy tips for upgrading your barn. 

1. Use Faux Wood Siding

Faux wood siding is a perfect way to upgrade your barn.

One of the fastest and most efficient ways to give your barn a makeover is to change up the exterior. Faux wood siding is a versatile option when it comes to considerations like color, finish, and price. This wood composite material is much more durable than traditional wood siding and it comes at a fraction of the cost. 

Additionally if you’re looking to scale back your imprint on the planet, faux wood siding is the perfect environmentally friendly option because it is sustainably produced and can last for 20 to 30 years, reducing the need for early repairs or replacements. 

2. Fire Resistant Roofing

Upgrade your barn with fire resistant roofing.

Apart from the siding, the roofing on your barn is the other feature people will immediately notice. Many older barns might already have metal roofing, but there’s always a chance that the elements have taken their toll on the materials and it’s time to get an upgrade. 

Fire resistant roofing is an essential building material when it comes to constructing or upgrading a safe barn that will protect yourself, employees, animals, and any valuables you might have inside. While slate and tile are fireproof options, most barn owners opt for metal roofing to cover their structure due to its durability and lightweight nature. 

Heavier roofing materials such as tile and slate have been known to weigh down buildings and collapse in the event of a building fire. 

3. Solar Power

Upgrade your barn with solar panels.

As part of rural life, many barns are located far off the main power grid, making it more expensive to get electricity. You can curb your power bill and become more self-sustaining by installing solar panels on your structure. On top of cutting down on utilities, some states will pay for excess power produced, meaning you can generate extra income with one forward-thinking investment. 

4. Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors are a great way to upgrade your barn.

If you have swinging doors in your barn, it might be time to consider an upgrade. Sliding barn doors are a popular option and they come in a variety of materials like wood and aluminum to coordinate with the rest of your barn’s interior. In addition to making it easier to maneuver animals throughout the space and move large equipment, sliding barn doors are safer than traditional options because there’s no risk of them accidentally swinging open or closed, potentially causing injury or damage. 

5. Expand the Windows

Upgrade your barn by adding windows for light and a view.

One frequent complaint of barn owners is the lack of light inside the buildings. If you don’t want to work in a dark, dingy space, there are plenty of options for installing new windows in existing structures. You can get new windows that match the current aesthetic of your barn or go for a new look along with your other upgrades. 

Your animals will appreciate the enhanced view into the outside world and you’ll love the way the windows brighten up your workspace. 

With a few structural upgrades, like faux wood siding and fire resistant roofing, you can enhance the visual quality of your barn as well as its functionality and safety. Using these five tips, you can transform your barn for yourself as well as for your animals for years to come.

Corey Tyner is a land buyer from Phoenix Arizona. He is the owner of Buy Yo Dirt, which provides an easy solution for landowners who want to buy or sell their land property without too much hassle. 
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