I’ve decided that I need to give my body a little more love. I’m getting older, I’m getting more aches and pains, and I feel like my immune system needs some serious support. So I’ve done a little research on healing myself holistically, and decided I’m putting myself on an anti-inflammatory regimen. I am now taking a daily dose of a turmeric supplement, and today I prepared a fermented ginger turmeric honey to add to coffee and tea.

Did you know that inflammation is the root cause of almost every disease out there? It’s also a major cause for pain. And, when your body is inflamed, your immune system can’t function the way it should to keep you from getting sick. So many people would benefit greatly from an anti-inflammatory regimen.

This fermented ginger turmeric honey is literally the easiest ferment you will ever make! The sugars in the honey and the acid in the lemon juice are a perfect solution to break down bad bacteria with the good, probiotic bacteria. It only takes about a week to ferment, and it doesn’t even need a starter like some ferments do!

You don’t need any special equipment, like airlocks or weights. All it takes is a glass jar, and a daily shake (or flip).

This mixture should be kept in a warm area that you see often, so you can remember to shake it daily. The kitchen counter is a perfect spot!

You may need to “burp” it every day or two, but I’ve heard that it’s not usually necessary. I guess it depends on if your honey seems to be expanding a lot. This is my first time doing this particular ferment, so I’m not 100% sure.

The ingredients are really simple. It’s literally just ginger, turmeric, lemons, and raw honey. If at all possible, get organic ginger, turmeric, and lemons. If, like me, you can’t get organic lemons, just use the juice from one lemon and throw away the peel.

The one thing that’s really important is that you use raw honey. Processed and pasteurized honey doesn’t have the bacteria in it that is needed to create a ferment. So always use raw honey for your fermented honey! Local raw honey is best, as it can also help with allergies.

Fermented ginger turmeric honey is an easy, delicious ferment.


  • 4-5 inch piece of ginger
  • 4-5 inch piece of turmeric
  • 1 lemon
  • 2 cups raw honey

Get organic ingredients if you can. If they are organic, you can leave the peels on. Just give them a good rinse.

If your ingredients are not organic, peel and wash the ginger and turmeric, and use just the juice from the lemon and throw the rind away.

Directions for making fermented ginger turmeric honey

If using organic ingredients, rinse the turmeric and ginger, and chop them up pretty finely. 1/4 inch pieces are a pretty good size. Slice your lemons into thin slices.

Layer your lemon slices, turmeric, and ginger into a glass jar. Cover completely with raw honey. Put the lid on, give it a good shake, then let it sit on the counter for at least a week. Shake or flip the jar every day. Test the flavor after about 4-5 days. Once it gets to the right consistency and flavor, put the jar in the fridge to slow the fermentation process down.

If you don’t have organic ingredients, peel the ginger and turmeric, and rinse. Chop the turmeric and ginger pretty finely, about 1/4 inch pieces. Cut the lemon in half or quarters.

Layer the turmeric and ginger into a glass jar. Squeeze the juice out of the lemon wedges on top of the ginger and turmeric, and discard the peel. Cover completely with raw honey. Put the lid on the jar, give it a good shake, and let it sit on the counter for at least a week. Shake or flip the jar every day. Test the flavor after about 4-5 days. Once it’s to your desired consistency and flavor, put the jar in the fridge to slow the fermentation process down.

Here is the video of me making this fermented ginger turmeric honey for the very first time:

Are you going to make this easy ferment?

Now that you know how to make this easy, healthy ferment, are you going to give it a try? The probiotics are so good for your gut, and the other ingredients will help reduce inflammation in the body. You’ve gotta give it a try!



  1. Hi! I tasted my turmeric ginger honey today. It is an exquisite taste! Love it!
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Susan, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I love putting mine in my morning coffee or evening tea.

  2. I made it! Turned out great. So far have used it in evening tea, never thought of putting it in coffee. I’ll have to give that a try.

    1. Awesome! Let me know what you think!

  3. Do I strain the chunks out once it is refrigerated? How do I know it is done once it is in the fridge? Do you take this by the spoonful? Do I add it to boiling water? I have chronic inflammation and want to get off my meds.

    1. You can strain out the chunks, but I personally leave them in. It should be “done” before you put it in the fridge. Leave it on the counter for 4-6 days, checking the consistency and tasting it starting the 4th day. It should be runny, more runny than regular honey. You can take it by the spoonful, it tastes great! Or you can put it in just-off-the-boil water, or add to tea or coffee. It’s pretty versatile, do with it what you want! I would suggest a teaspoonful every day for chronic inflammation. And I’m so glad you’re trying to get off your meds – they REALLY aren’t good for us!

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