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Do you have a special forager in your life? Are you wondering what to get them for Christmas? Here are the best Christmas gifts for the forager in your life.

A forager can be difficult to buy for. But if you really want to embrace their uniqueness, get them something that they can use for their wild endeavors!

Let’s go over the best Christmas gifts for different types of foragers.

Christmas Gifts for the Mushroom Forager

The mushroom forager is a rare breed, and they deserve rare, tailored Christmas gifts! Here are my best picks:

This mushroom bag is perfectly suited for harvesting delicate mushrooms. The mesh of the bag allows for the harvested mushrooms to drop their spores where you walk. This helps distribute spores to grow more mushrooms all over! The design of this bag also allows for hands-free carrying, so the forager can use both hands to gather their delicious mushrooms.

This is a wonderful mushroom identification book that would be helpful for anyone who forages mushrooms. It’s even available in spiral bound book format, so you can keep it open to the correct page to study hands-free.

Another wonderful book, “Healing Mushrooms” gives lots of recipes for using the mushrooms you gather, to use this food as your medicine!

This knife would be a delightful Christmas gift for any forager, but especially for the mushroom forager. Its small size, carrying case, and folding cleaning brush makes it a great addition to the forager’s pack.

This is a great little kit that your mushroom forager can use to grow some of their own mushrooms. It’s super easy, fun, and you can do 2 batches of healthy, delicious oyster mushrooms!

Make sure that the mushroom forager in your life knows how much you admire their back-to-basics nature. Get them something they will love!

Christmas Gifts for the Medicinal Herbs Forager

If you have an herbalist, wildcrafter, or green witch in your life, embrace it! These types of people are normally more than happy to share their bounty and homemade medicine with you. So you might just get some gifts in return!

Most of the herbalists and wildcrafters that I know of would love these Christmas gifts.

This beautiful bag would be a delightful gift for the wildcrafter. It’s sturdy, with a nice carrying pouch and belt loop. It will attach securely to her belt or backpack. It’s even waterproof!

Every forager needs some good shears. This 5 pack comes with a carrying case and gloves, and is very handy to take on adventures.

Any wildcrafter would love to have an old fashioned mortar and pestle! This one is great quality and beautifully rustic-looking.

Of course, every forager also needs a good knife. The Hori Hori knife is good for cutting, sawing, and even digging roots out of the soil.

This book is a must-have for any aspiring herbalist. It is one that I always recommend for every beginner!

Book Of Herbal Remedies

And of course this book had to make the list! This book is so very helpful to learning, identifying, and using medicinal plants that almost everyone in North American can find. Another must-have!

This is a wonderful canister set for your beloved herbalist to store their herbs in. Help her start her own apothecary!

What Will You Give Your Forager?

Do you have other ideas? Please share any other Christmas gift ideas in the comments. Let’s make this holiday season a great one for our loved ones!



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