I am so excited to announce that I am participating in the month-long self reliance challenge in May! Several homestead bloggers, including myself, will be writing posts on how we are moving toward self sufficiency. If you would like to join and follow along, please visit http://www.theselfsufficienthomeacre.com/self-reliance-challenge  for the list of participating sites!

Here is the list as well, so you an easily get to these awesome posts:

AnnMarie – 15 Acre Homestead

Nancy – Nancy On The Homefront

Kathi – Oak Hill Homestead

Robin – A Life in the Wild

Candy – Candy’s Farm House Pantry

Farmgal – Just another Day on the Farm

Ashley – Practical Self Reliance

Frank – My Green Terra

Maria – Maria Zannini

Lisa Lynn – The Self Sufficient HomeAcre

And yours truly, ShawnaLee – Homegrown Self Reliance

The weekly posts will be published at least every Tuesday, maybe more often. You will learn all things self reliance, including:

  • growing your own food
  • cooking healthy meals from scratch
  • hunting and fishing
  • preserving your harvests
  • foraging for wild edibles and medicinals
  • raising animals for dairy, eggs, and meat
  • preparing for emergencies

With the world in such uncertainty, it is everyone’s responsibility to be as self reliant as they can. Don’t think of this as “prepping”, think of this as being prepared for whatever might come your way. You may experience job loss, an especially tight budget month, a natural disaster, an economic downturn, or food scarcity. Any one of these scenarios would leave your family hungry if you are not prepared. When you are self reliant, you can not only survive, but thrive!

Join us on our self reliance challenge!




  1. Hi ShawnaLee, I am a fellow self reliance challenge participant from South Africa! I look forward to reading your updates! Good luck with your goals!

    1. Thank you Frank, good luck on yours as well!

  2. If only more people thought like this. Looking forward to your posts!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Maria! Hope you enjoy them!

  3. Thanks, it’s very informative

  4. Thank you for the terrific post

    1. You’re welcome, glad you liked it!

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