It’s almost Mother’s Day. Do you have your gifts for Mom yet? If your mom loves to garden, she might have a lot of basic gardening tools. But I’ve got a few more great gardening gifts that she will love!

Gardeners aren’t particularly hard to buy for. Usually just buy them some seeds, plants, or some nice gardening gloves and you’ve got it made. Or, have you ever tried a gift basket with lots of gardening stuff in it? Several years ago, my kids bought a bunch of gardening stuff and threw it in a basket for me, for a Mother’s Day present. That was one of my favorite gifts ever!

No matter what your budget, you can find great gifts for that special gardener in your life. Here are some of my favorites.

Gardening Gifts Under $15

Gloves – Does your mom have good quality gloves? Honestly I usually do most of my work without gloves, but these gloves from Pine Tree Tools are great! They are bamboo, so they’re breathable, and they allow you to use your smartphone while wearing them. So helpful when you’re constantly trying to take pictures of your garden ventures (not that I do that – ahem)! They are quite snug, and run a little small, so if you’re debating between two sizes, get the larger size. These gloves are very sleek, not bulky at all, and allow you to do all kinds of work that require good dexterity. Perfect, no nonsense gift for your gardening loved one.

 Weeder – This Japanese-style weeder from Wisepro is wonderful. The ergonomic design helps save your hands while pulling those weeds from your yard or garden. Don’t like to use chemicals to get rid of your lawn weeds? Me neither! This is a perfect solution. It doesn’t make a big hole, and easily pulls up even persistent weeds by the root. My mom always had a similar one of these, and honestly, I love this tool!

Kneepad – This kneepad by InSassy makes kneeling in the garden so much easier on the knees. With its high-density foam and ergonomic design, it’s a must-have for any gardener! It comes in large, 18 inches long, to “largest and thickest”, at 22 inches long and 1 1/2 inches thick. Of course the extra large and largest are more than $15, but you get the idea. It makes a very nice gardening gift.

Soil tester – Does Mom have picky, finicky plants? This soil tester from Luster Leaf is so helpful for quickly checking the quality of the soil that mom wants to plant in. It easily checks moisture, pH, and sunlight, in as little as 10 minutes. Simple and accurate, this kit helps take the mystery out of your garden soil. This kit will help even advanced gardeners improve their soil, and makes a great gift. While you’re at it, you might want to direct her to my post on how to test and amend your garden soil.


Gardening gifts under $40

Sloggers gardening shoes – I love these shoes from Sloggers! So comfy and form fitting, and they keep all the dust, dirt, and water off of your feet. They don’t feel bulky at all, nice and lightweight. Such a nice shoe for anyone who needs more traction in the garden. And who could resist the print?? Well, maybe it’s just me….but…..chickens! Even if chickens aren’t your gardener’s “thing”, they have so many beautiful prints. A great gardening gift for all ages!

Gardening tools and storage bag – This gardening tool kit with storage bag from Scuddles is a great buy! It has 5 heavy-duty stainless steel garden tools, a pair of (large) gloves, and a misting spray bottle. The storage bag is made of double-gauge cotton and has a lovely print. It’s strong enough to carry all of your garden tools, and even some seeds or soil, and is machine washable. Such a great gift for the beginner gardener in your life!

Self-watering seed starting system – Finally a seed starting system that works for me! I so wish I would have had one of these years ago. I probably wouldn’t have killed so many seeds and seedlings! The Burpee self-watering seed starting system is so helpful for those who forget to water their seeds (guilty!!). The self-watering system provides water to your seeds for up to 10 days. It has 72 cells, so you’ll be able to grow plenty of plants. It even includes the coconut fiber growing pellets, and a clear greenhouse dome. Overall, it’s a great gardening gift for anyone wanting to grow their own plants instead of heading to the nursery.

Garden seat – This little garden seat from Luckyermore is so handy, especially for those gardeners who are feeling their age (me!). Who wouldn’t want a handy little seat to take a break in the garden on? This seat is sturdy, yet lightweight. And as a bonus, it holds and even COMES WITH 8 high-quality garden hand tools. It eliminates squatting in the garden, yet puts you at a convenient height to work in the soil. A great gift that any gardener would love to get!


Gardening gifts under $60

Gardening claw – This gardening claw from Weasel is awesome. Okay, okay, that’s an old saying (that I love – am I starting to show my age??). But you know what I mean! The Garden Weasel gardening claw is a great tool for cultivating, aerating, and weeding your garden. You can do all of this from a comfortable standing position with this amazing tool! The normally back-breaking, tedious work is reduced greatly. It is lightweight yet amazingly sturdy. This is seriously one of the tools I can’t live without for my garden, and makes a perfect gardening gift.

Stand-up weeder – The Yard Butler Rocket Weeder stand-up weeder is a great tool. It eliminates all the bending that you usually have to do in the garden to pull and dispose of pesky weeds. This stand-up weeder is tall so it allows a comfortable standing position, and has a handy foot pedal to dig into the soil around the weed. It has a push and pull knob that activates the 5 claws at the bottom to grab the weeds. It is made of sturdy, durable powder-coated steel for longer wear. And it only weighs 4 pounds!

I hope I have given you some ideas on what to get that special gardener in your life, no matter what your budget! What will you buy that special someone? Please share in the comments!

“To grow a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” – Audrey Hepbur5


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